Discover our management team. Passionate, innovative and strategic. Their work, and that of the employees, has made AV&R the world’s largest engineering firm specialized in Robotics for the gas turbine industry for many years.

Jean-François Dupont



Golf enthusiast, Jean-François Dupont is the president and founder of AV&R. Loving to plan projects and have fun with his colleagues, his motto is “Work hard, play hard”. Jean-François is convinced that what separates the 50% of entrepreneurs who succeed from the 50% who fail is perseverance, the thought that helped him build what AV&R is today! He is a graduate in Automated Production Engineering and has a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Since its inception in 1994, Jean-François has held virtually every role within AV&R until becoming president of the company.

Anne-Marie Gendron

Quality and Human Resources Director


Strategy and innovation! These are Anne-Marie’s guidelines since the beginning of her career. Graduate in biology and environmental sciences, this cycling enthusiast has been using her warm and motivating personality at AV&R since 2011. Whether in innovation, technological development, quality management or human resources, Anne-Marie Marie always proposes different and avant-garde ideas. Her goal? Constantly improve business practices to make all employees leading players.

Michael Muldoon

Product Development Director


2007 is the beginning of Michael Muldoon’s adventure at AV&R where he has evolved over the years. He is now Director of Product Development and Sales. A graduate of the University of Windsor, Michael demonstrates curiosity, creativity and dedication on a daily basis. His strategic spirit, focused on the industry’s evolution, has enabled the company to develop innovative products while remaining focused on market issues, and the current and future needs of customers. His goal? Maximize the potential of all, to conquer the world as a team!

Dominic Després

Finance, Purchasing and IT Director


CPA, CMA, Dominic Després has been AV&R’s “finance expert” since 2008. This passionate baseball fan is pragmatic at heart who has evolved within the company to become the Director of Finance, Procurement and IT. Dominic is a person of action and a team player. Beyond his strategic vision, which has helped finance the AV&R’s international expansion, he is committed to training the next generation and helping his employees to be as autonomous as possible.

François Arrien

Vice President – New Market Development


François Arrien is part of the fearless group that finalized the acquisition of the AV&R division in 2005. Today, he is Vice President – New Market Development. After graduating in 1990 from a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, a travel and real estate enthusiast, François has travelled the world in search of new markets for AV&R. With extensive technical knowledge and a goal to constantly satisfy customers, François has enabled the company to promptly position itself on the international market. It was also François who led the robotic finishing expertise towards a product development vision. His ambition for the company? Create the best products by combining innovation and lean design.

Marc-Olivier Abel - Engineering Director - directeur de l’ingénierie

Marc-Olivier Abel

Engineering Director


After 13 years at AV&R and a short 4-year hiatus, Marc-Olivier Abel has decided to come back “home” and to join AV&R’s team again in 2021 as Engineering Director. His wealth of product development experiences, which he brings back with him, gives a fresh perspective to AV&R’s product range! This cycling, mountain and travel enthusiast is known for his strong mobilizing leadership skills. His main objective? Having fun as a team while developing robotic solutions that meet specific client needs.

David Mailhot

Director Robotic Finishing Development


David Mailhot, with his legendary enthusiasm, joined the ranks of AV&R in 2011. This music passionate from Montreal has worked his way over the years to become today Director Robotic Finishing Development. One of David’s best qualities is that he cares about the development and fulfillment of his colleagues. His main goal every day? Ensure a bridge between client needs and AV&R’s offer!

Giovanni Bevilacqua AV&R's Sales Director

Giovanni Bevilacqua

Sales Director


Joining AV&R in 2019, Giovanni Bevilacqua brings to the team over 19 years of experience in business development in the aerospace manufacturing world, working closely with major OEMs. He faces any obstacle he may have with a positive attitude and is continuously looking for ways to improve his clients’ experience. His motto? “The Best Marketing Strategy Ever: Care” – Gary Vaynerchuck.

Your challenges are his challenges, and he strives to execute all his clients’ projects with excellence.

Mathieu Chenard - Director Visual Inspection Development - Directeur développement inspection visuelle

Mathieu Chenard

Director Visual Inspection Development


With a bachelor’s degree in automated production engineering, Mathieu Chenard joined AV&R’s great family in 2011. Director Visual Inspection Development since the end of 2020, this eternal enthusiast, for whom programming has almost no secrets anymore, pushes his team to surpass themselves day after day. Developing the skills of his clan members is a priority for him. What motivates him on a daily basis? Bring solutions to life!