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AV&R expands its expertise in the orthopaedics market

For more than 25 years, we have developed and delivered value to our clients with our expertise in robotic surface finishing and automated visual inspection. We have designed hundreds of high-tech systems capable of robotically performing surface finishing processes while ensuring superior quality and consistency. We have developed and delivered robotic machines that visually inspect parts ensuring quality and performance levels unattainable by a human eye.

After several months of investment in Research and Development, we are now able to offer our expertise and value-add to a vital industry: orthopaedic implants. Thanks to our range of products powered by the BrainWave and ASIS software platforms, our know-how is bringing quality, throughput, health and safety improvements to the medical implant manufacturing space in key areas such as knee and hip implants.

Our robotic systems answer the needs of orthopaedics implant manufacturers, whether it is to automate challenging manual processes, to achieve high quality requirements or to increase production capacity.

Discover our BF-X products in action with knee and hip implants on this page.



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