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AV&R Flies to Europe

Before Christmas, AV&R Vision & Robotics Inc. won contracts worth more than 1.5 million dollars from two major European players in the jet engine industry. AV&R will thus install surface inspection systems in Germany and England.

AV&R specializes in gas turbine manufacturing solutions in the fields of Robotic Material Removal and Automated Surface Inspection. Because of its unique expertise, AV&R was chosen by these two major European companies to help them with their challenges in visual inspection.

These systems will inspect 100% of the surface of fan, compressor and turbine blades looking for any random surface defects such as nicks, dents, scratches, tooling marks, etc. The core of the system is its flexibility, achieved through combination of machine vision and robotics.

The addition of these inspection systems in these two European companies’ current methods will enable them to greatly increase the efficiency of their inspection process.

Over the past 15 years, AV&R has developed this technology and it has been proven through many installations, completed mostly in North America. These new systems will allow AV&R to testify of Quebec’s expertise in aerospace on the world stage while strengthening its position in Europe.



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