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AV&R Sponsors Zone01

Zone01 is a robotic competition for primary and secondary students designed to promote technology education to young people. This project promotes science and technology to the next generation while helping to keep kids in school by engaging young people in a practical, challenging and fun project.

Students must build and program robots, based on LEGO NXT Mindstorms platform, which must achieve five different challenges such as obstacle courses and tracing images. The robots will compete on April 1st, 2011 at des Studios’ secondary school in St-Jérôme.

In addition to organizing the event and to being a sponsor, AV&R will be present at the competition. Indeed, AV&R will have a representative on site who will explain to youngsters what the engineering profession in automation is all about. Moreover, by sheer love of robotics, a team of AV&R employees will face a Zone01 team, obviously outside the contest.

Visit Zone01’s website to make a donation or to register a school!



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