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Combined Blade Polishing and Profiling

Following the commercial launch of its evolutionary robotic polishing solution last January, AV&R Aerospace is pleased to present the 2nd generation of a machine combining polishing with controlled material removal and adaptive profiling!

This second generation now encompasses blade thickness measurement. For average removals between 25 and 125 μm (between 1 and 5 mils), this equipment ensures a consistency of ± 15 μm (± 0.6 mil) from one part to another. The insertion of new parts (teaching) has also been improved and is now easier.

Commercially ready, this machine performs the profiling and polishing of blades inside the same system, thus reducing the floor space required, the part handling time normally required between the two operations, while increasing the autonomy of the robotic machine.

Here is more information on these two processes, now combined in one machine.


AV&R Aerospace’s emeritus robotic adaptive profiling process creates high-precision elliptical profiles on the leading and trailing edges of gas turbine blades. The profiling performed achieves an accuracy of ± 37.5 microns (± 1.5 thousandths of an inch). The system also includes chord length feedback and final inspection of the edge profile.


In terms of polishing, as mentioned in January, AV&R Aerospace’s automated evolving systems polish the gas turbine blades’ foil, platform and fillet radius with controlled material removal, all according to your required tolerances and surface finishes.



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