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AV&R’s Conference at the A3 Event

New AV&R conference to come.

This time, our Director of Sales and Business Development, Michael Muldoon, will be a speaker at the A3 Robotic Grinding and Finishing Conference in July. This event, presented by our partner 3M, is the premier in North America to learn the latest technologies, discover best practices, successful techniques, tooling types and more for robotic grinding and finishing processes.

AV&R’s conference will discuss how data can improve manufacturing processes such as surface finishing.

Do not hesitate to come to the conference and meet Michael at the same time.


Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA)
The Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot
July 25, 2023 at 2:30 pm

AV&R’s conference abstract:

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive manufacturing industry, the importance of using data for production monitoring and improvement cannot be overstated. With the vast amounts of data available from various sensors, machines, and robotic systems, manufacturers have a unique opportunity to gain insights into their production processes and make data-driven decisions. This data can be used for fine-tuning process recipes, optimizing machine settings, predicting maintenance needs, and identifying and addressing inefficiencies in other production processes that cause variations. By treating the production process as an information system, manufacturers can gain a deeper understanding of their operations and make informed decisions to improve their efficiencies in many areas of their manufacturing. Ultimately, this can lead to higher quality products, reduced costs, and increased production throughput, all of which are critical for success in today’s competitive marketplace.

AV&R, being the leading manufacturer of robotic systems that replace manual finishing and inspection, will demonstrate the significant impact of data on surface finishing production through real-life examples from the manufacturing industry.



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