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This cookie policy applies to the AV&R Academy and AV&R sites (our “Sites“).

Our policy outlines your options for managing cookies and helps you decide what information you wish to share with us whe you browse our sites.

This Cookie Policy complements our Privacy Policy. It outlines cookie management options and helps you make informed decisions about the information you wish to share with us when browsing our sites.

This policy has been put in place with the following objectives in mind: 1) to obtain your consent before collecting, using or sharing your information; 2) to be transparent by clearly informing you about the different types of cookies and how we use them and; 3) to allow you to select the information you wish to share.

Cookies are small files placed on your computer or device when you access our sites. Cookies are used to store information about your interactions with the site. They recognize your device and record certain information related to your preferences or actions. If you authorize them, cookies are stored on your device, and AV&R may access them the next time you visit. Cookies allow us to provide you with an easy, personalized experience that matches your needs.

The information collected using cookies is varied and may be related to your use of the sites, your preferences or your device.

The information collected does not identify you directly, but it may include personal information if you provide it as part of your interaction with the site. All personal information collected is governed by our Privacy Policy.

For example, cookies may collect information about :

– The city and country where your device is located;
– Date and time of visits;
– Pages visited;
– The type of browser or operating system you use;
– How you accessed or interacted with the site.


Necessary cookies enable you to enjoy all the functionalities of our sites and to navigate them in an optimal and secure manner.
These cookies are essential to enable users to navigate our sites and access its functionalities. They do not collect personally identifiable information and are often temporary, remaining on the user’s computer only during the browsing session.

They are used to authenticate users when they log on to a website. They also contribute to security by preventing unauthorized access. They are used to keep the user’s session active while browsing different pages of the site. They are used to memorize user preferences, such as language or region, in order to adapt the site to their preferences. They react to user actions, such as entering forms. For example, if a user enters information in a multi-step form, a necessary cookie may be used to temporarily store this data during the process.


Analytics cookies are used to collect information about how visitors interact with our sites. They enable us to understand how users navigate our sites, what content is popular, how long visitors stay on a page, etc. The data collected through analytics cookies helps us make informed decisions to improve the user experience and optimize our sites.

Analytics cookies collect data in an aggregated and anonymized form. This data is generally not linked to specific personal information, thus preserving users’ anonymity.

They also help us identify areas of the site that can be improved. This may include design adjustments, content modifications or performance optimizations.

Analytics cookies can help us evaluate the effectiveness of our online marketing campaigns by tracking how visitors arrived at our sites (via ads, search engines, etc.) and how they interact with our sites afterwards.


Advertising cookies are mainly used for tracking and targeting purposes. Their purpose is to collect information about users’ browsing behavior in order to deliver more relevant advertising based on their interests and profile.

Using the data collected, AV&R can personalize ads to make them more relevant to each user. For example, if a user has recently consulted a profiling technology on our sites, he or she may see ads on that same subject when browsing other sites.

Advertising cookies also make it possible to control the frequency with which a particular ad is displayed to a user. This helps to avoid ad overload and provide a more balanced user experience.


Functionality cookies are not used to track advertising or analysis. They are intended to enhance the functionality and personali-
zation of our sites, providing a smoother, more tailored user experience.

Functionality cookies are used to :
– Remember specific user preferences, such as preferred language, region or other personalized settings
– Remember login credentials, enabling users to remain logged in when they revisit the site without having to re-enter their credentials.

Cookies used: Meta, Google Analytics, LinkedIn


Cookies allow us to optimize and adapt your browsing experience to your chosen preferences. They make your experience on our sites as pleasant as possible. Here are a few benefits:
– Cookies enable websites to remember user preferences, such as language, layout and other personalized settings. This helps improve the user experience by making the site more tailored to individual needs.
– Cookies are used to manage user authentication. They enable websites to recognize a user who has previously logged on, thus avoiding the need to re-enter identification information on each visit.
– Cookies can be used to collect data on user behavior, such as pages visited, time spent on the site, actions performed, etc.
This information may be used to analyze and improve the site and its services.
– Cookies may be used to personalize advertisements according to users’ interests. This allows AV&R to deliver more relevant advertisements, which can improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


When you log on to AV&R sites, we immediately offer you the opportunity to choose your cookie preferences.

We store your cookie choices on a device for up to 30 days. After that time, we will ask you again to choose your preferences. In the meantime, if you change your mind about your cookie preferences, you can update them at any time by withdrawing or re-granting your consent.

Site cookie management tool: Cookie Yes

You can access the cookie customization tool at any time by following the link available in the footer of the website.