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Croissance Québec techno

Mr. Jean-François Dupont and AV&R Vision & Robotics Inc. have been selected by the Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade (MEDIE) to participate in “Croissance Québec Techno”.

Thanks to its impressive technological offers and an accessible international market, AV&R has been selected among over 50 high technology companies in Quebec. Mr. Dupont, shareholder of AV&R, has successfully completed the final stage in late June at the interview for the selection of 10 finalists among 21 companies that were still on the list. “Our team, our services, our notable client, but mostly our vast potential for future years have convinced the jury members for our selection,” said Mr. Dupont.

Background and program objective

In fall 2006, Ken Morse, head of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center in Boston, offered to the MEDIE to establish a program that would bring 10 technology companies to revenues of $ 20 million in five years.

The program, whose courses are taught by “serial entrepreneurs” of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, offers a unique opportunity to 10 ambitious technology companies to benefit from a world-class training to develop and implement strategies for rapid growth. The program is based on two types of intervention with business leaders; a high-level training and coaching provided by coaches who have once been entrepreneurs and have achieved success in international markets.

Mr. Dupont and AV&R are extremely proud of this prestigious selection!



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