Customer Service

Customer Service

Technical Support
For any technical support inquiries regarding your machine, this is the place!
Spare Parts
Avoid production downtime caused by the wear of certain parts of your robotic solution. A list of potential spare parts is provided with each machine.
Service Request

We offer you various services that allow you to use your AV&R machine optimally.


Additionnal Services



What’s included

Beyond the first year of use of our machines, or for any request not included in the basic warranty, you can always ask for assistance in solving the problems of your robotic machine.

AV&R supports its machines around the world. Our team travels to meet you or offers fast and reliable help through our list of experienced partners around the globe.

A Warranty with Each Machine

All our solutions are state of the art technologies and have a one-year warranty. This gives you protection against any breakage or malfunction of your machine during the stated period.

It includes complete documentation such as the user manual, the maintenance guide or the list of potential alarms. Training of your operators in the use of our systems is included in this warranty.


Remote Assistance

Despite geographic distance, we are always available to help you! With remote control software, augmented reality and off-line solutions, we can assist you at any time.

Additional Services

The goal of our team is to make sure your machines work efficiently at all times. This is why we offer more services to support you and answer your needs.
Our extended warranty includes preventive maintenance visits to your facilities, ensuring optimal use of our machines. It also covers hardware and software updates to keep your technology current, with flexible options for the warranty duration to suit your needs.
As our technology continuously evolves, you can take advantage of our latest process features. Enhance your automated operations by integrating these innovations into your existing AV&R machine.

We offer a comprehensive array of programs designed to train you to utilize AV&R's machines to their fullest potential. To complement our free training offerings, we have developed two advanced training options:

  • Bootcamp - Master the operation of your machine and learn the fundamentals of programming.
  • Custom Training -Choose the depth of your learning and determine the level of autonomy you desire in programming your machine with our software.

Do you need qualified staff to kickstart a project or handle additional work? Our outsourcing service is the perfect solution.We offer the expertise of our engineering team, specialized in automation and robotics (service available in Quebec, Canada). Whether you need support for a few days or up to a year, our staff can work directly at your facility or remotely, providing the flexibility and expertise your projects demand.

We are the official distributor of Robot Reels cable reels. These retractable coils are specifically designed for robot teach pendant cables.

Read the Robot Reels Brochure

BrainWave Bootcamp

BrainWave software is the power behind our abrasive finishing solutions. It allows our users to operateand adjust our machines to their production needs. This bootcamp is the new way to learn how to use our technology to its full potential.

You will be trained live by our specialists at our office in Canada, face-to-face, during 5 days. You will learn the theory and then practice on our machines under our experts supervision.

If you want to use our machines to their full potential to enhance your operations, or if you want to be more autonomous using our technology, the bootcamp is for you!
Who should attend?

Current or future operator and programmer of our abrasive finishing machines.

Next Session

September 9-13, 2024 (in English)



AV&R Academy is an online resource center designed to explain AV&R’s technology. This platform consolidates resources to help users quickly understand and operate our robotic solutions.It is a free, self-guided resource for both current and prospective AV&R customers. The Academy features step-by-step videos and tutorials tailored to various topics and user profiles, enabling you to explore how AV&R’s machines work, at your own pace.


Frequently Asked

The main questions you ask us, with all the answers.

Programming your automated process for another part number is part of our Additional Services category. We would provide a proposal for the job, and you decide if you go with it or not.
We adapt to your needs and evaluate each mandate individually. We offer mainly fixed cost work, where we submit you a proposal for the whole job. We also provide time banks that can be utilized over several mandates. Time and Material is another way of doing it.

Anything that requires us less than 15 minutes of work. For example: answering a question, giving advice on the system adjustment, or explaining how a function works. The rule of thumb is if we can respond right away, without opening files or escalating the request, it is Free Helpdesk. Else, we apply the time spent to a support agreement.

Yes, we can connect remotely and perform the troubleshooting. We recommend having an internet connection available as it is much faster and easy for us.
At the beginning of each month, you will receive your Bank Hour statement of the past month.
We will quote you a renewal of the Bank Hour Plan or Unlimited Emergency Remote Support, depending on your needs.

We are open during regular business hours at Montreal’s time (EDT/EST). We often answer a request placed on the weekend depending on the availability of our team and the emergency of the call.

The best way to contact us for any technical support requests is via email: support@avr-global.com. This allows us to coordinate our team and quickly assign the best resource to assist you.
We would be happy to train your employees. AV&R’s goal is to have systems up and running to perform their duties to your satisfaction. Having the people that must interact with them adequately trained is key to a successful and drama-free experience.

Any question for our Client Resource Team?

Contact us!