Eric Beauregard

Executive Vice President – Sales & Marketing

EricBeauregard-2016Graduated from the University of Sherbrooke with a degree in Economics in 1991, Eric Beauregard began his career in business development with two American companies specialized in information technology. Hired at Netergy in 1999, he has been Sales Director for Europe and General Manager based in Sophia-Antipolis (France).

Thereafter, Eric Beauregard was named Vice-President and General Manager at Silicomp Canada (now Orange Canada) where his role was to start the company and make it grow. At his departure in 2005, the company had about thirty employees.

In 2006, he joined AV&R as CEO. At first, his role was to structure the former Averna’s Vision and Robotics group as an independent company and, then, with his team, to find a market niche for the company. Eric Beauregard concentrated on leading AV&R to be recognized as a world leader in Robotic Finishing and Automated Visual Inspection for gas turbine parts. In 2006, AV&R had 23 employees. Eric left the company after preparing the merger with IMAC Automation, creating a company with 120 highly-qualified employees.

In 2014, Eric Beauregard joined Lisi Aerospace, a worldwide manufacturing specialist for fasteners and structural components in the aerospace industry. He was Vice-President Executive, Sales and Marketing, for the Americas and Pacific zone, with under his responsibility the sales fasteners sector. During that time, Eric Beauregard was involved in the Lisi Group as a member of its international committees (Comex and Cocodir).

In 2016, Eric Beauregard integrated again the AV&R’s team as Vice-President Executive. He is also in charge of the sales, marketing and client service teams.

Eric Beauregard was a member of the Aerospace Advisory Board of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT), administrator on the Board of the CRIAQ, advisor on the AÉROÉTS’ Industrial Advisory Board, member of two committees (the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal’s International Affairs Committee and the Quebec Federation of Chambers of Commerce’s Manufacturing/Innovation Committee), and speaker for the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal’s “Back to school” operation.

For six years, he has been member of the Aéro Montréal’s Board of Director.

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