François Arrien

Vice President – New Market Development

François ArrienGraduated in 1990 with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Laval University, Francois Arrien started his career in machine vision and mechanical conception in a general integration company. Later he became Product Designer and was quickly promoted to be in charge of Engineering and R&D in a medical device company.

In 1999, Mr. Arrien joined AV&R’s team (formerly Walsh Automation) and, a few months later, received the mandate to create a mechanical group inside the vision division. In 2003, he was named Principal Engineer for Mechanical and Robotics. In this role, Mr. Arrien was in charge of conceptualizing and evaluating the cost and risk of potential projects while supervising current projects.

Thereafter, Mr. Arrien created the Robotic Finishing offer and was named Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (C.T.O.) of the Robotic Finishing group. Mr. Arrien’s main philosophy is to create the best products by mixing innovation and lean design to meet clients’ needs.

Eager to open the door to new opportunities and to diversify AV&R’s industries, Mr. Arrien is now Vice President – New Market Development.



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