Patrick Benoit

Project Office Director

Patrick Benoit - Directeur du bureau de projets - Project Office Director

First as a construction worker and former national sports coach, Patrick Benoit has acquired discipline and tenacity to reach performance levels beyond expectations. He has then decided to change course for heading to engineering.

Graduated from the École de technologie supérieure in Automated Manufacturing Engineering, Mr. Benoit has started as a software programmer. His curiosity and versatility pushed him into the fields of automation and robotics where he has discovered a passion.

It is as Robotic Project Manager that Mr. Benoit joined AV&R team in 2012. He started his term as part of the partnership with the robotic center of GE Aviation plant in Bromont. He then worked in the software group while keeping a close link with the Bromont plant in the field of profiling.

Thanks to his natural leadership, Mr. Benoit was promoted to Supervisor of the Robotic Group in 2016. In this role, he was responsible for providing technical supervision and heading uniformity within the group as well as the personal management.

Demonstrating personal, human and relational qualities, he was then named as Project Office Director in 2017. Mr. Benoit is now responsible for coordinating and supervising the project office. In doing so, he must also manage the human resources and operations of his group. His goals are to optimize work tools and ensure that his team achieves the leadership needed to maintain and exceed the current level of excellence of the company.

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