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General Manufacturing

We have been working with manufacturers in different industries for 30 years, and we have helped them overcome many production challenges and issues. This is why our automated and robotic systems have been developed; to bring industrialized solutions to our manufacturing clients, adaptable to tackle their challenges.

Issue vs Solution

Robotic machines operate continuously across several shifts, solving challenges posed by labor shortage.

Robotic machines enhance efficiency, throughput, and capacity by extending work hours and optimizing cycle times. They are powerful tools for manufacturing competitiveness.

AV&R's robotic machines enable the automation of the production of numerous part numbers.

Robotic machines maintain consistent operations, guaranteeing high production quality and reducing the risk of waste or overquality.

Robotic machines operate in a closed and controlled environment, mitigating the health risks associated with manual operations and ensuring a safer work environment.

As experts in robotic abrasive finishing and automated visual inspection, AV&R has developed unique skills and knowledge in automation.

Our range of robotic machines is designed to process abrasive surface finishing and visual inspection on parts of different sizes and materials (steel, wood, etc.). As a result, our systems are adaptable to the size and shape of your parts, no matter your focus or industrial sector.

Technology Solutions Dedicated to Your Processes

  • Polishing/sanding
  • Ultra-polishing/buffing
  • Grinding
  • Deburring/blending
  • Cutting
  • Defect detection
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Look at the enhanced production capabilities realized by APN Global through the implementation of AV&R's robotic system.

Benefits of Using Our Robotic Machines

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