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For the past couple of years, we’ve been at the forefront of offering cutting-edge solutions for the medical industry, specializing in polishing, buffing, roughing, blending, deburring, and visual inspection of joint replacement implants—ranging from knee and ankle to hip implants.

Our pride lies in empowering orthopaedic implant manufacturers to enhance productivity and quality through our innovative technological solution. Designed with precision, our high-tech robotic machines seamlessly integrate into your production line, meeting essential requirements such as cycle time, finish quality, and overall consistency.

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What sets AV&R apart is our commitment to not only automating the production of prosthetic implants but also prioritizing the well-being of your workforce. Our systems eliminate repetitive and unsafe tasks, providing a safer and more efficient alternative.

One of our differentiators in the medical industry is the size of our systems. Our compact cells will easily integrate into your production line.

Our experience and expertise make us a reliable partner for those seeking to optimize processes and achieve superior results in the medical manufacturing sector.

Success Stories Are the Best Way to Showcase What AV&R Can Do for Your Business

Reduced cycle time
by 75%

Increased production


Witness the enhanced

production capabilities

achieved by

Autocam Medical

through the 

implementation of

AV&R’s robotic systems.

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