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Demonstrating a successful history over the years, we have earned the confidence of engine component overhaul (MRO) manufacturers globally, establishing ourselves as their primary ally in the automation of abrasive finishing processes such as re-profiling, polishing, and blending.

The synergy of vision and robotics in AV&R’s systems marks a paradigm shift in the MRO industry. Our re-profiling machine promises nothing short of a revolution, elevating the performance of your used parts to surpass their original capabilities. Step into a future where AV&R redefines excellence in MRO, making strides towards a more sustainable and efficient aviation landscape.

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Success stories are the best way to showcase what AV&R can do for your business.

See how our robotic solution has helped a MRO shop achieve tighter tolerances and increase part aerodynamics.

For an overview of our technologies in the MRO industry.

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