Company more and more known around the world, AV&R Vision & Robotics is present in the news. Two articles were recently published which talked about AV&R: in the Canadian Industrial Machinery magazine and in La Presse.

You remember AV&R won an innovation award for its High Precision Automated Blade Profiling System? Well Joe Thompson, Editor of the magazine Canadian Industrial Machinery, describes this system and AV&R’s Visual Inspection in this article.

In special collaboration, Mr. Stéphane Champagne wrote an article for La Presse on the Aerospace Industry in Montreal to counter the rather negative image of the industry, reinforced by the closure of Aveos. Mr. Champagne based its article on the testimonials of Suzanne Benoit, Aero Montreal’s CEO and Eric Beauregard, AV&R’s CEO. Read this article*, published in the Portfolio section of La Presse on March 29th.

*In French only.

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