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AV&R’s partner, Rex-Cut Abrasives, published on its blog an article on robotic vs. manual deburring. A brief overview is made to explain the different advantages to use one of these options. The AV&R’s automated systems are suggested in this article like a wise choice for the robotic deburring option, for the turbine blades market.

To learn more, we invite you to read this article.


One again, AV&R is seen on TV. Last May, one of its robotic cells was exposed in an event organised by Autodesk in downtown Montreal. The cell’s shipping was done by a towing service and a TV show entitled “Coureurs de smashs” filmed the carriage.

You can see AV&R’s project and an employee during the first minute of the video.

Virtual Visit

After major transformations, AV&R is proud to present you the virtual visit of its recently renovated office in Montreal. To see the result of the employees’ efforts who worked hard on theses renovations, click here.

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