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At AV&R, we are driven by innovation and the quest to make everything work better,
and also easier to use. That’s why at the heart of our philosophy is a commitment to
simplicity and expertise-based efficiency.

To achieve this, we have created and developed unique software included exclusively in our machines, one for finishing operations (BrainWave) and one for visual inspection (OwlVision).

What makes our software unique:

  • A Unified Functionality: You experience the power of a single software that seamlessly manages both setup and operation, such as creating paths, avoiding collisions, adjusting parameters, transferring to the robot, and running production.
  • Expertise Integration: Serving as the brain and heart of our expertise, our software distills AV&R’s deep understanding of processes (abrasive finishing and inspection) into controllable parameters, ensuring optimal results.
  • No Code Expertise Required: Our user-friendly approach eliminates the need for coding knowledge, enabling users to master tasks, such as configuring and operating, with minimal training.
  • Complete Solution: Thanks to our software, we provide a unique offering in the market with the combination of hardware tools and advanced software.
Say goodbye to complex coding! BrainWave streamlines communication and operations, making our abrasive finishing machines user-friendly. With just a few clicks, create sequences and tweak parameters without any prior knowledge of robot programming.
  • Adjust robot positions and paths effortlessly
  • Fine-tune parameters such as robot and tool speeds, applied force, and more
  • Seamlessly configure new parts into the machine
  • Experience adaptive functionalities for inspection and tool optimization

The BrainWave UI provides a clear visualization of the robot path on the workpiece, ensuring collision-free and optimal sequences. It's like having a virtual tour guide for your robotic processes.

Utilize BrainWave's offline mode and robot simulator to craft functional sequences without disrupting production. Test and validate new sequences in simulation before implementation, reducing configuring iterations and enhancing efficiency.

Have control over who can modify parameters and execute the process. You can customize access to ensure security and precision of your finishing operations.



Embark on a journey of simplified robotics with AV&R’s BrainWave software, designed to make robotics and automation accessible to everyone. Think of it as the control center for our abrasive finishing machines – the brains behind the brawn.


OwlVision lets you effortlessly develop and execute visual inspection sequences, ensuring precision for your parts.

OwlVision is not just software: it’s your partner in achieving top-notch visual inspections without the complexity. Simplify, configure, and inspect with ease!

Configure image capture parameters, robot positions, camera settings, and lighting control effortlessly.

Fine-tune methods for detecting specific defects and set acceptance rules based on defect size and position on part.

OwlVision is designed for simplicity. No coding or programming skills required – just a few clicks to create sequences and adjust parameters.

Ensure consistent performance with regular checks on key elements such as robot position, lighting intensity, camera focus, and depth of field.

Have control over who can modify inspection parameters and who can execute inspections. You can customize access to ensure security and precision of your inspection operations.

Our simplified training with OwlVision empowers your operators to independently operate our automated visual inspection systems.

Learn how to use our software in AV&R Academy.

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