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What Does Robotic Profiling Mean for AV&R?

The action of giving a profile to the leading or trailing edge of a part.

Our Solutions Work on What Types of Parts?

  • Compressor blades
  • Vanes
  • Fan blades
  • High- or low-pressure turbines (for thin trailing edges)
  • OGV

What Can You Achieve With One of Our Machines?

With AV&R’s robotic profiling machines, you can achieve exceptionally precise elliptical profiles, on parts like blades and vanes, perfectly aligned with your engineering specifications. These systems excel in precision and offer a remarkable ± 25-micron tolerance (± 0.9 thousandth of an inch or 0.025 millimeters). To reach such tight tolerances, our team has developed adaptive and closed-loop capabilities.

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Concretely, What Will You Gain?

  • Improve the quality and consistency of your production.
  • Increase throughput.
  • Reduce abrasive consumption (up to 75%) and therefore costs.
  • Improve ergonomics and safety.
  • Achieve the levels of precision required for the newest engine designs.
  • Meet your specification requirements.
  • Benefit from an automated process that works in your production environment.


In addition to creating precision profiles, our automated machines incorporate an advanced inspection system dedicated to ensuring the utmost accuracy of your components’ leading and trailing edges. You can trust in the consistency of the measurements, with a Gage R&R (EV) of ≤ 12% for a tolerance of ±50μm/±.002” within 4 sigma.

Moreover, these machines offer the versatility to perform thinning of trailing edges, tri-blend operations, and polishing of blades, platforms, and fillet radii, providing you with comprehensive solutions for your manufacturing needs.

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