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Recognized in the Industry

AV&R is recognized by the major players in the aerospace industry and Quebec’s manufacturing sector as a well-established company with a valuable opinion of its activity sectors.

Thereby, Aero Montreal and Quebec’s Industrial Subcontracting (STIQ), two important groupings in Quebec, recently contacted AV&R to participate in the development of testimony videos on their respective fields.

Aero Montreal has created a promotional video presenting Quebec’s aerospace sector as a symbol of national pride. This grouping has interviewed Mr. Eric Beauregard, President of AV&R, asking him to give his opinion why the Montreal aerospace cluster is such a great success. You can view the video, all credits to Aero Montreal and Montreal International, here.

STIQ interviewed Quebec manufacturers to discuss the results of their 2012 “Quebec Industrial Barometer”. Jean-Francois Dupont, Chief Operating Officer at AV&R, was one of the contractors selected for an interview and asked to comment on the SMEs’ rate of investment in research and development. Watch the STIQ video here.



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