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Research and Development Agreement NRC

AV&R Vision & Robotics is proud to announce a collaborative research and development agreement with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) for the technological transfer of a non-contact three-dimension (3D) measurement system that will answer the rigorous needs of AV&R’s customers in terms of precision and speed.

AV&R already offers visual inspection systems detecting surface defects such as dents, nicks, scratches, etc. Once the system has found these defects, AV&R’s customers need to evaluate if the part can be repaired. To make that decision, measurements on the defect’s shape and topography are necessary and require 3D measurements with a known accuracy. The 3D inspection solution developed by the NRC will then allow AV&R to offer a complete automated inspection solution to its customers. This micro-defect (or micro-cracks) measurement capability at this level of resolution and speed is unsurpassed to this day.

“The biggest challenge for AV&R was to find a fast high-precision system which could work in a production plant floor environment. The system developed by the NRC and integrated by AV&R will be innovative since it will offer enough flexibility and control to achieve this goal,” says Sebastien Parent, Chief Technology Officer – Automated Visual Inspection at AV&R.

One of the NRC’s core values is to actively collaborate to generate better solutions, which exactly fits AV&R’s thinking; AV&R constantly invests in research and development to stay in front of the competition and offer the best solutions available to its customers. The NRC is therefore a natural partner for AV&R.


AV&R offers intelligent automation solutions designed to optimize manufacturing processes and to control quality. These solutions cover two critical areas of expertise: robotic finishing (profiling, deburring, polishing…) and automated visual inspection. AV&R works in the gas turbine industry, mostly on blades, vanes, disks and blisks / IBR’s and has solutions installed all around the world.



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