Customer Service

Robotic Finishing Systems Technician

Job Summary

You will be responsible for meeting our client’s needs by utilizing appropriate technologies. You will also be responsible for establishing the configurations and robotic finishing recipes necessary for introducing new parts into AV&R’s robotic systems and for improving the performance of parts in production.

Additionally, you will work collaboratively with the staff assigned to robotic systems, participate in the production launch of new parts, support existing production systems, and conduct performance tests. You will be involved in the implementation of projects, studies, or industrial systems, and their evolution, in collaboration with the engineering and software development teams. You will also be expected to apply and promote AV&R’s practices and procedures.

Position type: Full-time
Start date: June 2024
Location: At our client’s facility in Bromont
Immediate supervisor: Client Ressource Manager

Responsabilities and Main Tasks

  • Support client systems;
  • Take charge of process-related aspects during system implementation for clients;
  • Establish configurations and robotic finishing recipes for profiling and polishing;
  • Participate in the production launch of learned parts and system performance tests;
  • Perform or assist in the commissioning of systems at the client’s site;
  • Participate in the standardization of methods;
  • Occasionally participate in software platform development cycles;
  • Be consulted for defining deliverables;
  • Be consulted by the team for equipment selection;
  • Perform all other related tasks.


Education: DEC in Mechanical Engineering, ACS in Industrial Robotics, ACS in Automation Instrumentation and Robotics, or equivalent experience.

Relevant years of experience: 3-5 years of experience.

Personal Qualities and Skills:

  • Experience in robotic finishing;
  • Basic knowledge in mechanics/electrics/programming;
  • Ability to work within a multidisciplinary team;
  • Complex problem analysis and resolution;
  • Systematic approach;
  • Professionalism and autonomy;
  • Ability to be conscientious in repetitive task aspects;
  • Valid driver’s license.


  • Group insurance;
  • Group RRSP;
  • Organized social activities;
  • Paid leave for birthday;
  • Telemedicine program;
  • Enhanced parental leave;
  • And many more.

Who Are We?

AV&R is a globally recognized Quebec engineering company specializing in robotics, operating in the aerospace, energy, and orthopedic sectors.

We design complex robotic systems with a high level of technology. Our team of engineering graduates has developed expertise in gas turbine parts and orthopedic implants.

Specifically, AV&R offers robotic finishing machines (profiling, sanding, deburring) and automated visual inspection machines to manufacturers of gas turbine parts used in both aircraft engines and energy generation, as well as to manufacturers of orthopedic implants.

At AV&R, we know that process automation is useful to humans, and we believe it should be simplified. That’s why we’ve made it our mission: humanizing robotics! This means we want to make robots more accessible and tailored to our clients’ needs so they can be easily implemented in manufacturing plants, regardless of their field. The daily actions of AV&R employees are thus guided by the ambition to:

  • Simplify robot programming so that everyone can program them;
  • Make robots intelligent so they can react to their environment;
  • Collaborate with robots to assist humans in difficult tasks, not replace them;
  • Make our robotic solutions accessible to everyone by optimizing costs;
  • Guarantee safety to protect humans nearby.