Small, Efficient, Reliable

The BF-X 200 is the robotic system you need to automate surface finishing processes on parts under 200 mm. The machine is available in two options:

BF-X 200-i

An Individual Process
Choose one process: PROFILING or DEBURRING


BF-X 200-c

A Combination of Processes
Choose two or more processes: PROFILING, POLISHING or BLENDING


New Version of the BF-X 200-c enhanced by 3M

Since 2020, 3M and AV&R have partnered and capitalized on their common expertise in abrasive and robotic process to propose high-performing solutions to the industry. 

The result is the new version of the BF-X 200-c which automates a wide range of abrasive processes. The system includes the most efficient tools selected by AV&R in a compact cell, enhanced by a selection of 3M abrasives, and powered by AV&R’s software (BrainWave).

Surface Finishing Processes:

Profiling Polishing Blending Deburring
Leading and Trailing Edge Profiling

Trailing Edge Thinning

Re-profiling (MRO aerospace parts)

On foil, platform, fillet radius or midspan of gas turbine parts

On knee box and hip stem of orthopaedics implants


Pin removal

Weld blend (MRO aerospace parts)

Small radius

Edge breaking


  • Chord length 
  • Final edge feedback
  • Thickness feedback

Machine Dimensions:

BF-X 200-i BF-X 200-c
1,5 x 1,7 x 2,3 m 2,0 x 1,7 x 2,3 m

Main Technologies:

BF-X 200-i BF-X 200-c Both systems
Adaptive machining (profiling process)

Closed-loop (profiling process)

Force feedback technology

Automatic tool change


6 axis Fanuc robot

BrainWave software

Non-contact feedback

Wheel dressing and probing

Dust collector, wet and dry, connected to plant system (depends on dust material)

Some Benefits:

  • Controlled environment reducing worker’s injuries
  • Compact cell easily integrated to your production line
  • User-friendly interface thanks to our software BrainWave – no programming skills required
  • Part loading using tray
  • Respect of tolerances according to the engineers’ design
  • Improve quality and consistency of your production
  • Increase throughput
  • Reduce abrasive consumption (up to 75%) and therefore its cost
  • Increases the life of your parts and reduces the amount of scrapped parts (MRO)