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The VI-X is a robotic system that enables the automated visual inspection of complex parts, such as imaging, defect detection, classification and final decision-making on the acceptability of defects.
Inspection data is available and an inspection report can be generated automatically.

Specify your surface finish 

The VI-X visual inspection system is capable of operating on various surface finishes:

  • Mirror
  • Semi-reflective
  • Mast

VI-X, the Visual Inspection System by AV&R


1,5 x 1,7 x 2,3 m

Surface Inspection Procedures:

Semi-Reflective or Mat Finishes

Mirror Surface

Single Surface Defect (nick/dent) Single Surface Defect (nick/dent)
Edge defect Scratches / Scuffing
Scratches / Scuffing Surface Finish (incomplete polishing)
Distortion Machining lines/marks
Shortage of Material
Friction Traces (fretting)
Presence and absence of components


  • Character recognition (OCR)
    Automated Production Report - SI-X by AV&R
  • Automated production report
  • Inspection results recorded on a centralized database (compatible with PowerBI)
  • Production statistics recorded on a centralized database (compatible with PowerBI)

Key Technologies

  • Industrial camera
  • Lighting system, dedicated to the surface finish to be inspected
  • OwlVision Software enabling the characterisation and classification of defects according to inspection requirements
  • 6-Axis Fanuc© Robot
  • Hand-held part: The robot grabs the part and moves it within the machine, to the inspection tools Parts Cleaning System
  • Remote connectivity system for 24/7 technical support: camera, router 4G and tablet Ergonomic drawers for quick loading of a batch of parts


  • Secure closed cell reduces the risk of injury to your operators
  • Compact cell easily integrated into your production line
  • Improvement of the quality and consistency of inspection
  • Accurate location of inspected defects
  • Collection of inspection data for better production monitoring

A connectivity system that allows the AV&R technical support team to have a remote view and access to the robotic system.