Easy to use, intelligent and adaptable

The Surface-Inspection eXpert is the new automated solution for surface inspection by AV&R.

Including images capture equipment ready to install on your production line coupled with the power of the OwlVision software. The software allows users to detect surface defects systematically and reliably on manufactured parts. Thanks to proven presets of typical industrial surface inspection and several options, the SI-X is easily and quickly adaptable to each of your production lines.



SI-X Components

  • Camera (options available)
  • Lighting (options available)
  • Computer
  • OwlVision software

Detection and other inspection needs

Border Defects Aesthetic Defects
on very reflective parts
  • Nicks, dents, tooling marks, etc.
  • Distortion
  • Bad condition (i.e. non-compliant deburring)
  • Scratch
  • Nicks, dents, tooling marks, etc.
  • Polishing defect and bad general surface condition
  • Hue
  • Presence or lack of characteristics/features on the part
  • Surface finish

Options available

  • Camera:
    • Grey scale
    • Colour
    • Line scan for conveyor belt
  • Lighting:
    • Circular
    • Linear


The Benefits

  • Inspection of defects difficult to detect by a human eye
  • Adaptable to different production scenarios
  • Constant control of production quality
  • Easy to use thanks to specialised presets to detect typical visual anomalies seen in industrial applications
  • Simple system adjustment by quality managers rather than automation or maintenance engineers
  • A concrete solution to inspector hiring issues
  • Data collection by OwlVision to monitor inspection quality, and for detection analysis and optimisation

Remote support package available, allowing AV&R to connect remotely and see what is happening inside the system.