Our programmers have developed a software dedicated to the automated visual inspection process. OwlVision is an easy-to-use interface that optimizes our robotic visual inspection systems without the need for programming.  This is a tool for a quality inspector to configure and tune an inspection process.

Robotic Visual Inspection System by AV&R

OwlVision in action

Our visual inspection software works at all stages of the visual inspection process to automatically develop and execute the appropriate visual inspection sequence for your part:

  • Configuration and adjustment of the parameters needed to capture images (robot position, camera parameters, control of different lighting etc.)
  • Configuration and adjustment of the different methods necessary for the detection of specific defects
  • Configuration of the acceptance rules for defects found according to the size of the defects and the position on the part
  • No programming skills required. Without any knowledge of robot programming or other software, OwlVision allows you to create visual inspection sequences and change parameters with just a few clicks.
  • Calibration check. Control of the robotic system via OwlVision allows for a uniform performance of the visual inspection from one day to the next. The software regularly checks key elements of the system to ensure its integrity and to detect any physical calibration errors.
  • Robot position
  • Intensity of different lighting sources
  • Camera focus and depth of field

Automated Visual Inspection by AV&R with OwlVision

User access control

You have the choice to give anyone access to only certain parts of our OwlVision software. This access control allows you to limit, if you wish, the modification of the parameters of a to be qualified sequence to certain people, and to only give access to the execution of the qualified inspection to other users.

Suitable for your operators

The simplified training by our teams with the OwlVision software allows your operators to be autonomous in the operation of our automated visual inspection systems.

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