Modular, Efficient, Precise

The TF-X 1200, Tool-Finishing eXpert robotic system, completes AV&R’s range of robotic solutions.

The TF-X 1200’s specificity is to handle one or several process tools, allowing to work on stationary parts. This is what we call the “tool-in-hand” method. It allows to avoid heavy and voluminous part handling. The robotic system can also use a large variety of tools and reach difficult-to-access areas. Therefore, the process precision is increased.

The TF-X 1200 has been designed to perform one manufacturing process on parts less than 1200 mm. Meeting typical manufacturing needs, the TF-X 1200 offers various configurations and options to automate numerous processes.

System Dimensions

2.3 x 1.8 x 2.4 m

Processes for Forged, Cast and Welded Parts

You can choose from the processes presented.
Your process is not in this list? Contact-us to discuss it!

  • Deburring
  • Blending
  • Polishing
  • Sanding
  • Ultra-polishing
  • Grinding
  • Cutting
  • Etc.

Main Technologies and Components

  • Tool-in-hand
  • Fanuc© 6-axis robot
  • BrainWave software
  • Part loading system

Several Options

  • Motors: AC, high RPM, compliance
  • Automated abrasive change with tool rack
  • Parts loading devices: front or side loading, rotary table
  • Dust collector connected to your factory system (depending on the dust-emitting material)
  • Force and pressure control (Fanuc© sensor)
  • Tools according to the type of process:
    • Dressing tools for processes using abrasives
    • Pneumatic tools
    • Laser marker
    • Dot peen marker
    • Etc.
  • Connectivity options for remote technical support


  • Precise automation of manufacturing process on heavy and voluminous parts
  • Adaptable to each manufacturer’s production
  • Easy to use with built-in programming and operating software, allowing operators to adjust the system rather than automation engineers
  • A practical solution to hiring difficulties
  • Secure closed cell reducing the risk of injury
  • Robotic system configured according to standards (North America and European Union) allowing immediate and safe use
  • Compact and easily integrated into your production line
  • Improvement of the production quality and repeatability
  • Increased production output
  • Significant reduction in abrasive use, resulting in lower operating costs