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Automated Visual Inspection

What Does Robotic Automated Visual Inspection Mean for AV&R?

The action of imaging a part to extract visual anomalies using software algorithms to decide if the surface respects the established standards.

Our Solutions Work on What Types of Parts?

Aerospace parts: blades, variable vanes, blisks / IBRs for gas turbines at different production stages.

Orthopaedics implants: knees, hips, extremities implants and tooling.

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What Can You Achieve With One of Our Machines?

Our robotic automated visual inspection solutions detect surface defects (nicks, scratches, tooling marks…) and apply your specific inspection criteria depending on the location on the part. Defects as small as 0.125 mm can be detected, depending on the surface quality. To reach such capability, our team has developed algorithms specifically designed to perform on metallic surfaces.

Different Types of Defects

Handling defects: nicks, dents, scratches, pits and porosities.

Process defects: polishing marks, tools/grinder marks, inadequate shot peening, coating chips,edges deformation.

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Concretely, What Will You Gain?

  • Eliminate human subjectivity related to visual inspection.
  • Eliminate variation between inspector / shift / supplier / plant.
  • Remove good parts from the hands of inspectors and keep knowledge for difficult parts.
  • Track defects and help continuous improvement of incoming processes.
  • Avoid paper and record data directly in your ERP.
  • Eliminate the risk of shipping a part that does not comply.
  • Ultimately, reduce the safety margins and accept more parts.
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  • Validation of presence / absence of features on the part.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • 2D matrix dot marking reading.
  • Visual validation of complete aircraft engine assembly.
  • 100% complete inspection.
  • Process quality feedback.
  • Polishing quality validation.
  • 3D defect measurement.


We have produced robotic inspection systems that use machine vision algorithms fully adapted by our engineers, and robots that mimic human movements to perform a fully automated inspection of parts. These systems detect any defect a conscientious human eye can see, such as handling defects or process defects. These systems are designed to facilitate the work of an inspector.

At AV&R, we have a team of experts dedicated to automated visual inspection that will help you meet your quality control challenges.

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