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JUNE 2024

Data-Driven Manufacturing & Robotic Finishing: Key drivers of Smart Factories

Our robotic experts discuss the role of data in manufacturing production, its applications, and the development of smart factories to enhance productivity. Learn how robotics plays a crucial role in driving these advancements. With our special guest: Gavin Hill, Senior Theme Lead – Digital at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center in the UK.


Unlocking Complete Automation Solution for Implant Manufacturing

Manufacturing is evolving with advancements in automation and robotics, exploring the potential of combining technologies for comprehensive solutions. In a discussion with the Dutch machining manufacturer Cellro, we examine the latest tech trends and practical strategies for medical implant manufacturers to adopt these innovations.

APRIL 2021

4.0 in Canada: How Manufacturers Can Modernize Their Production?

Amid economic disruption, Canadian manufacturers seek quick, easy solutions for production issues like labor shortages and modernizing tools. Industry 4.0 concepts can help address these challenges. AV&R and Axya share their robotics and technology expertise, discussing the realities of adopting Industry 4.0. This event offers manufacturers valuable insights and future-impacting concepts.


Next Wave of Robotics for Knee Implant Manufacturing

Robotic technologies enhance the manufacturing process of orthopaedic implants, boosting production rates and ensuring high quality. Using knee implants as an example, AV&R and experts discuss the quality standards expected by orthopaedic surgeons and how robotic systems meet production and surface finishing requirements. JD Hass from 3M and Dr. Michael H. Weber from Montreal General Hospital join AV&R to address these topics in a webinar.


Next Generation of our Polishing Technology

In this webinar, AV&R’s team talks about our second generation of a machine that combines polishing, with controlled material removal, and adaptive profiling. Learn more about this solution created to finish gas turbine blades.


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