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Why Automate your Abrasive Finishing Process?

Are These the Type of Challenges You Thought You Couldn’t Solve?

We scrap many high-value parts due to process variations and training gaps.

We are unable to achieve the specifications dictated by new designs, leading to unplanned rework in production to meet standards, which erodes your margins.

We are trying to eliminate bottlenecks and boost productivity.

We spend variable and excessive amounts on abrasives and are seeking increased efficiency and consistency.

We want to scale operations due to industry growth.

Is This Your Reality?

We are striving for excellence and aiming to lead your industry.

We face a lack of manpower due to high retirement rates and difficulty attracting new talent to meet growing production demands.

We are looking for standardized machines and a company that will support us over the long run.

We are burdened with difficult and dangerous processes that cause workplace injuries.

We are looking for tools and data for in-process inspection to ensure defective parts are not processed downstream and to maintain traceability in subsequent quality processes.

Manufacturers everywhere share the same frustrations with issues that ruin productivity and quality, create bottlenecks, and cause unnecessary security risks.

AV&R can help you!

Who Is AV&R?

Our automated abrasive finishing machines provide the most advanced, reliable, and adaptive solutions to our clients’ manual operations. We are the global leader in the aerospace, gas turbine, orthopaedic implant industries, and our clients trust us to provide the highest quality results and their continued success with our long-term support.

What We Can Do for You

We can ensure flexibility for a wide variety of applications. We have built a toolbox of technologies to customize proven equipment and software into a fully integrated solution for your application.

Our purpose-built software, BrainWave, was designed specifically to make robotic finishing accessible.

We offer in-process inspection to provide data and quality checks on-machine.

You can trust our team’s advice because we have decades of expertise we can leverage.

We help you refine your skills; we provide training and support according to your needs. This enables you to be anywhere from fully autonomous, to AV&R servicing your system and introducing new part recipes.

We help you innovate in your process thanks to our expertise and our collaboration with the best abrasive suppliers in the industry.

We put your investment to work; we allow a quick time to production, accelerating your return on investment.

To enhance your organization, we train your finishing experts to become robotic finishing experts, making sure you don’t lose this expertise internally.

We offer long-term support.

Concretely, What Will You Gain?

  • Improve the quality and consistency of your production.
  • Increase throughput.
  • Reduce abrasive consumption (up to 75%). thereby reducing costs.
  • Improve ergonomics and safety.
  • Reduce the risk of worker injuries.
  • Achieve the levels of precision required for the newest components designs.
  • Meet your specification requirements.
  • Benefit from an automated process that works in your production environment.