At AV&R, we have a stimulating mission:

Humanizing robotics

In other words, we want to make robots more human, so they can be easily introduced into manufacturing plants, regardless of their field. The daily actions of AV&R employees are guided by the following ambitions:

  • Simplify robot programming
    so that everyone can program them
  • Make intelligent robots
    so that they react to their environment
  • Collaborate with robots
    to make robots assist humans, not replace them
  • Democratize the use of robots
    to make them accessible to all
  • Guarantee security
    to protect humans in close proximity

AV&R - Humanizing Robotics

Our Culture and Values

Humans – Client-oriented – Innovation

AV&R is an innovative company. It innovates as much by its products as in its ways of doing things. Transparent in its management and offering an atmosphere of mutual assistance among colleagues, trust is at the heart of its activities.

Our employees are humans, passionate. They love what they do. They are client-oriented, are concerned about its satisfaction, which drives them to go further, to always do better.

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