At AV&R, we are client oriented. Our desire to help you does not end when you purchase our robotic systems, the relationship continues thanks to our dedicated Client Resources team. As their name suggests, their mission is to be your resource for any need related to our systems, but also for any questions regarding the automation of your plant.

Remote Assistance

Despite geographic distance, we are available to help you! With remote control software, augmented reality and off-line solutions, we can assist you at any time.


To learn more about our remote support, consult our brochure:
AV&R's Remote Support Brochure

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All our robotic systems are state of the art technologies and have a one-year basic warranty. This warranty gives you protection against any breakage or malfunction of your system during the stated period.

It includes complete documentation on your robotic systems such as the user manual, the maintenance guide or the list of potential alarms. Training of your operators in the use of our systems is included in this basic warranty.

Optional: Adding an additional one year to your warranty

Technical Support

Technical Support - AV&R - soutien technique

Beyond the first year of use of our machines, or for any request not included in the basic warranty, you can always ask for assistance in solving the problems of your robotic system.

Technical support requests are processed as quickly as possible based on their severity:

  • Critical function impacted – response in 3 hours
  • Significant impacted non-critical function, not leading to production stop – 12-hour response
  • Error identified with an available alternative – response in 96 hours

AV&R supports its systems around the world. Our team travels to meet you or offers fast and reliable help through our list of experienced partners around the globe (eg FANUC Europe).

How to reach us?

AV&R Client Resources Team

The goal of our client service is to make sure your systems work efficiently at all times. Our team of experienced professionals makes your success a priority.

The AV&R Client Resources team offer includes a number of additional services:

  • Extended warranties
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Software and machine feature upgrades
  • Tips on automating your plant

AV&R also offers an expert outsourcing service and provides you with the expertise of its engineering team specialized in automation and robotics (offer reserved in Quebec, Canada).

Do you need qualified staff to help you start a project? Are you looking for someone you trust to support your team in case of extra work? The outsourcing service offered by the experienced AV&R team is the solution. Whether you need expert input from a few days to several months, or even a year, we will offer you a qualified person to fulfill your mandate. Our outsourcing staff can work directly at your place of work or remotely, according to your needs.

Benefits of outsourcing:

  • Personnel already trained (in automation, robotics, etc.)
  • Experienced aerospace resource
  • Access to AV&R resources as needed (specialized staff, simulation tools, 3D models, drawings, etc.)
  • Possibility to meet the candidate before the assignment
  • Temporary employment easily renewable or not
  • Insurance and benefits at the expense of AV&R

To know our outsourcing rates:

Technical support and other services offered by our Client Resources team are done through a bank of hours offering you a fixed rate for the duration of the technical support contract.

Robot Reels

We also stay abreast of automation trends to advise you on proven complementary products. Thus, we are the official distributor of Robot Reels cable reels. These retractable coils are specifically designed for robot teach pendant cables. Learn more by reading this brochure.

In order to avoid production downtime caused by the wear of certain parts of your robotic system, we can provide you with spare parts. A list of potential spare parts is provided with the system.

Don’t wait any longer and benefit from our expertise by contacting our Client Resources team, your automation partners!