AV&R specializes in complex automation projects requiring a high level of precision. We have been developing our expertise in the Aerospace industry by designing robotic systems which meet the specific needs of turbine engine manufacturers. For over 25 years, engine manufacturers from around the world have trusted us to automate their surface finish robotic processes (profiling, polishing, deburring, etc.) and visual inspection of gas turbine critical rotating parts (with or without coating).

Gas Turbine Critical Rotating Parts (Turbine Engine)

Our knowledge of critical gas turbine parts sets us apart from the competition. We have become partners with turbine engine manufacturers while helping them to automate their production.

Fan blade Low Pressure Compressor High Pressure Compressor Nozzle

 Fan Blade

Low Pressure Compressor

High Pressure Compressor


Leading Edge Fixed Vane Variable Vane Turbine Blade

 Leading Edge

Fixed Vane

 Variable Vane

Turbine Blade



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