Discover our range of robotic systems for the surface finishing and visual inspection of manufacturing parts (gas turbine parts and orthopaedic implants) of different sizes, whether cast or forged.

The BF-X systems are the experts you need to profile, polish, deburr or even inspect blades under 200 mm, between 200 and 500 mm, or between 500 and 800 mm. The visual inspection systems are the best to detect various defects on a surface.

Each of these systems is operated by exceptional software developed by AV&R’s team:

  • BrainWave is the software which orchestrates the interaction between AV&R’s surface finishing robotic systems components in a single user-friendly interface.
  • And the software dedicated to the automated visual inspection process system is OwlVision, an easy-to-use interface that optimizes our systems without the need for programming.

Finishing Systems

BF-X 200-i by AV&R BF-X 200-c by AV&R BF-X 500 by AV&R BF-X 800 by AV&R

  BF-X 200-i

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  BF-X 200-c

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 BF-X 500 

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 BF-X 800 

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Visual Inspection Systems


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