AV&R’s strength is its ability to innovate. Thanks to efforts in Research and Development, we have developed robotic surface finishing systems adapted to the orthopaedic implants manufacturers requirements. Our products range is now offering polishing, blending, deburring and visual inspection of joint replacement implants such as knee or hip.

Joint Replacement Implants – AV&R

Our high-tech products are designed to automate production of prosthetic implants and to reach production requirements such as cycle time, finish quality, consistency, etc. Furthermore, our systems are a beneficial alternative to repetitive and unsafe tasks performed by your workers.

AV&R offers robotic systems which can be easily integrated to your orthopaedic implants production line, while ensuring high levels of quality and repeatability.


See how our client Autocam Medical has improved its production thanks to its AV&R’s robotic system:


aHip Polishing (BF-X 500)vv aKnee Visual Inspectionvvvv
aKnee Box Polishingvvvvvvvv aHip Stem Polishingvvvvvvvv
aGame-Changing Innovationvvvvv aComplete Robotic Solutionsvvvv

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