The AV&R team has developed a software for our robotic machines with the mission to make robotics accessible to everyone. This software is the glue which orchestrates the interaction between the system components in a single user-friendly interface. Comparing our machines to ourselves as humans, this software would be the control center of all faculties of the body, hence its name: BrainWave.

No programming knowledge required

In addition to managing the flow of communication and operations between all components, BrainWave makes the use of robotic machines much simpler. Without any knowledge of robot programming or using any other software, you can create sequences and modify parameters in just a few clicks. Our vision is to build a tool for the process expert.

BrainWave in action

  • In real-time or in offline mode, this software will allow you to:
    • Modify the positions or robot path, such as adding an offset
    • Adjust the parameters associated with the robot path:
      • The speed of the robot
      • The speed of the tools
      • The force applied on the part
      • Etc.
    • Integrate new parts to the machine
    • Benefit from adaptive functionalities:
      • Adjust the recipe according to the actual shape of the part (inspection)
      • Reposition the path according to the real position in the workspace
      • Create abrasive wear equations
      • Maintain linear speed for rotating tools
BrainWave - Brochure - AV&R

Simplified visualization of the robot path on the workpiece

The BrainWave UI (user interface) allows you to visualize the path created on the workpiece. This display greatly facilitates the understanding of the sequence and the modifications made to ensure there are no collisions and the path is optimal. 

An offline mode designed to optimize your production time

BrainWave’s offline mode, combined with the robot simulator, is ideal for creating a functional sequence without interrupting production. For example, to integrate a new part into your production, you can create a sequence, validate that the robot reaches all the elements and test this sequence in full simulation, all in offline mode. This feature drastically reduces programming iterations because the elements determined when creating the sequence in offline mode can be easily adjusted in real-time in BrainWave.

Recipe Customisation Compare Feature

Adapted for intuitive use by your operators

Your operators can be trained off-line, in the comfort of their office, without affecting your current production. Moreover, since this software is a sequencer, it is transferable to all types of robotic processes. One  training course will allow you to understand and use all your AV&R machines, regardless of its process.

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" The simplest robot programming possible "