For 25 years, AV&R has been innovating and developing technologies in order to build robotic systems specialized in surface finishing for gas turbine parts.
Those robotic systems are now available in the BF-X range: Blade Finishing eXpert.


Today, we are pleased to present the robotic systems BF-X 200-i, BF-X 200-c et BF-X 800. Each of these standard machines is expert in automated application of one or more surface finishing processes on parts of different sizes, whether cast or forged.

BF-X 200-i

A compact machine performing an individual process on small parts under 200 mm.

BF-X 200-c

This system, as compact and efficient as the BF-X 200-i, allows to combine several surface finishing processes for parts under 200 mm.

BF-X 800

A high-tech machine designed for parts between 500 and 800 mm, which automates several surface finishing processes.

Profiling, polishing or deburring, all AV&R’s expertise, developed over the years, is now available in the BF-X range.
Learn more on the BF-X capabilities here!

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