For 25 years, AV&R has been innovating and developing technologies in order to build robotic systems specialized in surface finishing for gas turbine parts.
Those robotic systems are now available in the BF-X range: Blade Finishing eXpert.


Today, we are pleased to present the robotic systems BF-X 200-i, BF-X 200-c et BF-X 800. Each of these standard machines is expert in automated application of one or more surface finishing processes on parts of different sizes, whether cast or forged.

BF-X 200-i

A compact machine performing an individual process on small parts under 200 mm.

BF-X 200-c

This system, as compact and efficient as the BF-X 200-i, allows to combine several surface finishing processes for parts under 200 mm.

BF-X 800

A high-tech machine designed for parts between 500 and 800 mm, which automates several surface finishing processes.

Profiling, polishing or deburring, all AV&R’s expertise, developed over the years, is now available in the BF-X range.
Learn more on the BF-X capabilities here!


    1. Our expertise has been developed over the years on gas turbine parts (with or without coating) and orthopaedic implants. We invite you to contact one of our specialist if you want more specific details : info@avr-global.com. Thank you for your interest in AV&R!

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