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New Offer: Robot Reels AV&R is proud to be an official distributor of Robot Reels, a US-based company that has developed a retractable device for robot’s teach pendant cables. This device prevents accidents, increase the life of control box cables and create a better working environment in workshops.           We Were […]

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Our Webinar: A Successful Event

On September 19th, we hosted a webinar on our 2nd generation of a machine that combines polishing with controlled material removal and adaptive profiling. Several interested people joined us to learn more about this solution created to finish gas turbine blades. A successful event! For more information our this 2nd generation system, click here.  

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Combined Blade Polishing and Profiling

Following the commercial launch of its evolutionary robotic polishing solution last January, AV&R Aerospace is pleased to present the 2nd generation of a machine combining polishing with controlled material removal and adaptive profiling! This second generation now encompasses blade thickness measurement. For average removals between 25 and 125 μm (between 1 and 5 mils), this […]

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Great visibility for AV&R

AV&R at Aero-Engines Europe Eric Beauregard, AV&R’s Executive Vice President, will be present at the Aero-Engines Europe event in Hamburg, Germany, from September 12th to September 13th. He will be moderator at the conference: “Focus on OEM: EIS Platforms and Maintenance Network Developments”. To stimulate discussion, he will benefit from the input of speakers from […]

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New Post on AV&R Aerospace’s Blog

Aerodynamics is the crux of the matter in an airplane engine. The more aerodynamic blades are, the more efficient and fuel economical the engine is, saving astronomical sums for the airlines. Therefore, since several years, motorists equip themselves with robotic adaptive systems to profile with high precision forged and machined blades and even to recreate […]

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